Customer Service

We are here to assist you with any potential inquiries and questions you may have regarding your event package. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please complete the form below to contact a customer service representative.

Q: How do I add more than one code at a time?

A: Live Event Card only allows for one code to be entered per purchase.  If you have multiple codes you will need to use each code on a separate transaction.


Q: How do I receive my tickets?

A: Delivery methods vary and are unique to each event. The delivery method is highlighted in the Details section of the event page and can also be found in the order confirmation e-mail you receive shortly after purchase. Delivery methods include:


Q: Where can I confirm the date & time for the event I purchased?  What about the number of tickets?

A: The date, time and section of the event you purchased, along with the number of tickets you selected, can be found in the confirmation e-mail you receive shortly after purchase.

Q: Where are my seats located?

A: You will be assigned the best available seats in the pre-determined section of the theatre or venue the event is taking place. The section where your seats will be located are noted in the Details section of the event page. This information is also available in the confirmation e-mail you receive shortly after purchase. Due to popularity and limited availability, specific rows and seats cannot be requested or provided prior to purchase. 

If you have other questions pertaining to your event package? 

Conatct us at [email protected] 

Please email Monday – Friday between 9am and 10pm EST to receive a prompt response from a customer support representative. Please allow for up to 48 hours for any email sent outside of this allotted timeframe. 

If you are at the venue and need immediate assistance, please contact us via the phone number referenced in the order confirmation email you received shortly after purchase.